room69 new media art collective


room69 is an interdisciplinary artist-led collective developing new and progressive exhibition formats, new media arts and installation.

like the lines of my body are melting away

The classic 90s anime franchise Evangelion proposes a theory where humanity can overcome its bodily boundaries and unite their souls as one, brought onwards by mankind, a forcedstep in evolution. Drawing from this as a course of action for collective work, we will merge our individual practises together into one immersive room filling installation. Intertwining our skills, aesthetics, conceptual approaches and research.

exhibited in april 2022 at red carpet showroom in the karlsplatz subway station in vienna

somewhere between there and here

S.B.T.A.H. is a collective exhibition of artists interested in their individual responses to notions of fluid networked systems, showcasing a diverse cross-section of new sculptural works in a variety of scale, approach and medium.

exhibited at room69 offsite space in june 2021 in vienna

i wish you were not here

In the collective’s sophomore exhibition, “i wish you were not here“, the group utilized Google’s street view functionality to create a hybrid exhibition intervention and virtual experience.

exhibited at google maps launching september 2021 until forever 

experience near death experience 

E.N.D.E. is a tryptich multilevel exhibition for the wrong biennale n05: a physical show at Raum D, MQ Vienna, a digital show on a video stream on & Canal180 on portuguese national TV.

Culminating under the notions of oversimulation / overstimulation and extreme highs & lows, interlinking & supplementing another exhibiting a variety of practices dealing with these experiences.

stack overflow

Under the topic of overstimulation and oversimulation the digital show hosted in New Art City creates a paradoxical situation and oscillates between the highs and lows of our virtual worlds.

exhibited at as part of the wrong biennale no.5 launching in novemeber 2021 until forever