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Room69 is a collective working with new exhibition formats, media arts and installations. Interests of the collective are characterized by common reflections on various themes, such as the complex relationship between the constructed world and the natural world, mediating on hyperconnectivity and displaying their individual responses to notions of fluid networked systems. Room69 is showcasing a diverse cross-section of transmedial works in a variety of scale, approach and medium.

The first show β€œsomewhere between there and here” dealt with notions of fluid networked systems in an offsite space on the outskirts of Vienna and showed a distinct range of installations by the collective’s members.

For the second show β€œi wish you were not here” they worked with the theme of virtual squatting, creating an exhibition by 3d scanning an abandoned space in the first district of Vienna and placing their digital artworks in it. The whole project was then published on google maps and was available to be experienced through google street view. Documentation can be found on SoloShow