room69 new media art collective


room69 is an interdisciplinary artist-led collective developing new and progressive exhibition formats, new media arts and installation.

The collective’s interests are characterised by common reflections on the complex relationship between artificial and natural worlds, socio-cultural contexts, mediating on hyper-connectivity and displaying their individual responses to notions of fluid networked systems.
Using conceptual architectural strategies to create hybridized phygital environments that bring attention to their work, the collective use this playground to evaluate contemporary digital cultures.

Each project room69 develops is an opportunity to deploy new creative tactics in playing, meshing, glitching, and re-contextualizing internet spaces as well as extending the analogue understanding.

The collective work as artists, curators, producers, and researchers, applying experimental and disruptive techniques to formulate a collaborative, open, collective-driven art practice. They operate independently, distributing roles rotationally in order to expand the definitions of artistic practice - each member has an equal and diverse function in operating the collective.

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room69 is made up of Cristian Anutoiu, Lukas Dworschak, Josepha Edbauer, Hannah Neckel, Brooklyn J. Pakathi and Maximilian Prag, who are based in Vienna and studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Maximilian Prag is an interdisciplinary artist and designer testing contemporary visual and new media culture. Working with new media technology in between visual communication and art, he creates new formats of digital representation, virtual worlds, digital generative imagery and multimedia installations. He is interested in contemporary imagery, internet culture and experimenting with phygital experiences exploring new interactions in between our mixed realities, online and away from screens.
The collective work, community and collaborations are important parts of his artistic practice, always engaging in projects outside of his individual practice, from music videos, stage design, live visuals, virtual exhibition design or fashion design. Maximilian is working as a 3D designer for the Vienna based media arts festival CIVA by sound:frame, which he accompanied from its inception and had an integral part in its conceptualization.
He is currently studying Graphic Design at the University of Applied Arts living and working in Vienna.
Josepha Edbauer is a multimedia artist;
In her practice, contradictions are addressed and narrated through transdisciplinary room installations. The starting point are deconstructions of personal circumstances in different systems in which the artist is surrounded. Coming from an art historical background, questioning the mechanisms and structures of the art world is thus a recurring subject, as is visualizing digital phenomena in our analog society. The digital space and its structures are no less real than our analog world.
Each object carries its own meaning, which results from the interplay. Josepha translates her analyses into materials that suggest new perspectives in their altered context. Materials carry the previous within them, and through their detachment from their socio-cultural context, are brought into new ones to express.
Josepha studies Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the class of Brigitte Kowanz / Jakob Lena Knebl.
Cristian Anutoiu is a transdisciplinary artist from Romania/Germany.
Their practice negotiates concepts, fictions and contingencies between physical and digital realities. Reflecting from a queer background, the visual language crystallizes a fragmented world injected with a gentle magical realism.
In this process, cross-realities become crucible for transporting ideas into a tangible reality and for expressing themselves through installative narratives. Constant experimentation with 3D software creates virtual worlds, installations that span time and space, and implicitly post-digital paintings. The artificial is juxtaposed with the organic to express fragility and opposition of human subjectivity and normativity.
Through reinterpretations, 3D scans and kitsch, Cristian's practice moves between post-modern mysticism and digital magic. 
In addition to studying Painting & Animation Film at the University of Applied Arts under Judith Eisler, Cristian is a founding member of the artist collective room69, which mediates contemporary intermedia formats through progressive exhibition formats.
Cristian Anutoiu currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.
Hannah Neckel based online as @cybervoid69 is a Transmedia Artist reimagining the future by merging online & offline worlds in aesthetic bliss.
Her multimedia XXXperiences seduce into a dreamy hyper space where the digital sphere of the internet and the physical world merge.
The Internet as a utopian place of longing serves as the starting point for thedesire for freedom + community that manifests itself in the works and is generated in an interplay of online and offline footage. The real space thereby becomes an extended virtual reality and a place of refuge that confronts user:inside with their own emotionality *~good vibes only~*
The aesthetics of the internet spill into the space as if from a glass, overflowing and overlapping, merging with the surrounding like the layers of a Photoshop file.
In her intermedia approach, 3D scans, symbols and aesthetics of digital subculture become aesthetic mood, online becomes physical practice, always searching for dialogues: between IRL and URL, between innovative technology and users, but above all between-human ~relatable~ emotions. 
Hannah Neckel studies Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts in the class Brigitte Kowanz / Jakob Lena Knebl.
Lukas Dworschak is a new media artist creating works that reimagine the body in its virtual extensions. Seeing digital space as an amplifier for the fluidity of our existence he explores new narratives of embodiment and identity through a seamless symbiosis of virtual and physical. Having a background in engineering he is also interested in how technology transforms the way we interact with our environments and augments our experiences and routines. Organic structures, machines and artificial entities unfold through different materials and processes and form installations which spread through a multilayered reality.
Brooklyn J. Pakathi (enby) is a media artist with an ongoing studio practice in Vienna. Much of their most recent work concerns itself with the language and materiality of emotion.
Sentimental longing, melancholy, and various other configurations of intimacy affirm their practice. The Vienna-based artist constructs objects, images and virtual spaces to connect and abstract the underlying architecture of these profound and complex  psychological forces.
Pakathi also works as an independent curator and cultural producer. They work in actioning cultures of technology, developing inclusive and alternative definitions of the technological and using virtual space to deploy artistic practice and discourse outside of the modern colonial world system.