room69 new media art collective

wash me over
(gently, softly)

group exhibition
online on google maps

for porto futuro in porto di fano, italy
commissioned by umanesimo artificiale

The Porto di Fano, with its nuances and connotations of „land“, „infrastructure“, and „water“, serves as a real template for the collective room69‘s digital intervention, which is accessible via Google Street View.

The harbour was captured by a drone. These recordings were constructed as a 360-degree world and thus became the virtual landscape for the digital artistic works of the collective. To make this digital world accessible, the material was fed into Google Maps to make the artistic intervention part of the Streetview function.

The digital landscape, even if uncontrolled and unmanaged, attracts the atmosphere of the physical spaces in which it is em- bedded - it plays with imagination, deconstruction and maritime metaphors. A virtual topology that mimics its physical counterpart can, like an organism, reconstruct its history, objects, space, and environment. The artistic works within the digital topology of Porto di Fano capture time and space, weather, scents, while offering a distorted and fantastic glimpse into the past.

Cristian Anutoiu offers queer nonbinary avatars comfort between the fibers of virtuality, both expanding and distorting the environ- ment they inhabited, as florishing within it. Brooklyn Pakathi is seeding ideas, to leave traces of newness across a vast landscape of decay and change, while Hannah Neckel sculptures are leaking through the fabrics of reality, arising of the virtual ocean from dreams into the internet, glimmering in the dark, illuminating the path, guiding you towards a possible Utopia. Josepha Edbauer ́s horses rebel against their given narratives, are reared up, while luminosing historical aspects of the port and leading to Luke Dworschak whoms cloudlike iterations of scanned bodies are dissolving in light and leaving behind all matter. Maximilian Prags works are based on the term recursion, borrowed from computer programming. As an object, like a moebius loop, several distor- tions are placed in the exhibition setting, awaiting for their own answer, while trying to process, cursed by their own existence.

featuring all core members of room69 

the works all live on google maps street view forever 
accessible on any device, always <3 

four of the works featured also exist in augmented reality on instagram filters

r69lity is relative by Hannah Neckel

tr69nslucidworld by Josepha Edbauer

r69r*curse(d)by Maximilian Prag 

tr69nsgressionality by Cris Anutoiu