room69 new media art collective

experience near death experience

is a tryptich multilevel exhibition for the wrong biennale n05: a physical show at Raum D, MQ Vienna, a digital show on, a video stream on & Canal180 on portuguese national TV.

Culminating under the notions of oversimulation / overstimulation and extreme highs & lows, interlinking & supplementing another exhibiting a variety of practices dealing with these experiences.

e.n.d.e. explores the notions of living in a time where reality and virtuality seem to be melting into oneanother, birthing a new world, interconnected globally, linked together by our desire for community.

At constant juxtaposition with itself overfilling us with sensory inputs, playing to all our senses, a hyper real world overstimulating us to the point of eruption. Drawing from ultra contemporary art as well as pop cultural & scientific circumstances, the exhibitions lure you to experience this metamorphosis together, fusing us into one, oozing towards the future.

‘stack overflow’ 
the digital exhibition online on
opened 1st of november 2021 

‘there are no reasons, and if there are, I’m wrong.

a video stream on & Canal180 on portuguese national TV.
airing soon 

‘nowhere in particular’
physical embassy
group show at Raum D, Museumsquatier Vienna