room69 new media art collective


After a successful 2021, the year the collective formed, 2022 features an even wider reach in the collective’s exhibition approach. This year room69 will continue to develop in Vienna whilst branching out and creating expanded experiences internationally both online and AFK. With planned exhibitions in Norway, the United States and Germany.

nowhere in particular 

June 2022 Vienna, Austira at Raum D Museumsquatier 

For the physical embassy (June 2022) 17 international artists mediate on the oversimulation of possible futures in their practises ranging from sculptural phygital installations to speculative research based bioart and and performances. Offering a glimpse into the future, Mary Maggics installation deals with plastic pollution and its queering of our bodies, while Lena Kuzmich uses the “Tower” archetype for a photomontage symbolising immense change coming. Alma Bektas intricate floral interventions invite the on- lookers to dream of a possible future, and engage in romantic envisioning, as all the artists are attracted to visualising and shaping our collective imagination to realise potential futures. Seizing the opportunities in change, the speculative futures moulded by our dreams. Nowhere in particular wallows on the present. A space of incoming change, potential, offering to open new worlds, expected and unexpected.

came here to manifest but got lost in translation

May 2022 Bergen, Norway at Mikey Laundy Art Garden

Emerging out of the decentralised global art community of instagram, room69 partners with mikey laundry art garden to utilise modes of digital production and create an exciting physical exhibition.

The artworks will be developed digitally an the G-code files (a software programming language) sent to the gallery space to produce them via 3D printing before room69s arrival in Bergen. On site they will be finished and the fragmented pieces of the exhibition connected together. Displaying an intertwined mode of reality, disclosing the technical production, laying bare the unity in the connection of the artists and their tools, including the meaning and purpose of what the materiality of a 3D printed object is in the artist’s intention.

Room 69 shows that 3D printing is not simply a production of objects, it is a production of a process of interaction between people, the installation and other objects.

I’ll always be right here, closer to you than your next breath

August 2022 Los Angeles, USA at LA Artcore Brewery Annex

Through extensions of mixed exhibitions formats, we want to propose to work within the context of the localised spatiality of LA Artcore and online forever on Google Street View.

The collective draws their attention to the ecological and spiritual essence of the forest and the dominant life-forms that are trees.

For the exhibition, room69 will undertake an environmental scan of local forestry and superimpose an extended yet fragmented space coinciding with our relationship to technology and ecology. The scan acts as a foregrounding backdrop for a discursive exchange and serves as a template for future interactions between the natural environment exhibiting the possibility of hybrid systems that incorporate both nature and technology.

virtual archeology

collaboration with contemporary jewellery and object artist from Leipizg, Germany Corinna Goutos Fall 2022