room69 new media art collective

stack overflow 

Virtual exhibition

hosted on NewArt City

as part of The Wrong biennale n05

Under the topic of overstimulation and oversimulation the digital show hosted in New Art City creates a paradoxical situation and oscillates between the highs and lows of our virtual worlds.

On one hand dealing with being exposed to a perpetual stream of information and image on- line and addressing the problems that come with it - like cognitive and mental incapability toendure the data flood - the works itself are adding fuel to the flames and making issues even more obvious.

On the other hand there is our desire for eternity, breaking up physical boundaries. Embracing the simulation, dematerialize and eventually transcend through our virtual avatars into utopia.

By putting these concepts next to each other the contrast gets even more exaggerated ending up in a digital near death experience that gives a perception of what might be there to come.

curated by Cristian Anutoiu, Lukas Dworschak, Hannah Neckel, Maximilian Prag

Anna-Lena Schlamp, Eliška Jahelková, Emily Mulenga, Caro Eib, Adriana Miyagusuku and Pecval, Cristian Anutoiu, Gaia Del Santo, Martina Menego, Lukas Dworschak, CyberCesspool, Bogdan Matei, Koko Bello, Maximilian Prag, Johannes Hartmann, Hannah Neckel, Alexandru Stefan Cartus, Sofia Atanackovi, Wednesday Kim, Andreas Palfinge, Alma Bektas, Björn Heerßen, Marlon Nicolaisen, Paul Grosse , Fin Glaser, Roman & Ernst, Julian Lee-Harather, Anna Mutschlechner-Dean, Anahita AsadiFar, Balint Budai, Daphne Xanthopoulou , Manny Orozco

virtual architecture by 
Cristian Anutoiu, Lukas Dworschak

poster & graphic design by maximilian prag